Campaign & art direction, BTOB 2013

Objectives: To launch a distinctive drink, a new concept of beer, with an innovative campaign focused on young trend setters.
Idea: We wanted it to be the young people themselves who created a unique customermade brand. We created Blu Room, a co-creation area in which to develop innovative projects in various fields.
Description: The central concept of the campaign is an open co-creation area in the heart of Malasaña in Madrid. It is managed by a director, an ambassador and an office assistant and this is where the projects that have passed the selection phase are developed. Those who want to submit their own can go to the project’s Tumblr. This campaign does not include spots, Facebook or banners. The branded content is developed by the young creative talents themselves. Workshops are also organised, called Blu Days, to show the co-created projects and the Blu Zine will be edited, a fanzine that will be distributed by the magazine, Yorokobu. To wrap up the event, exhibitions known as Blu Places are held in other related establishments and further events are held in other cities such as Barcelona, which also has its own ambassador.

For english speaking users: sorry for the video being in spanish.