XMas Campaign, BTOB 2013

Everyone said 2014 would be better but at BTOB we weren't so sure about it...
So we decided to steal all the lucky charms from all the christmas cakes in town so that our clients could have a little more luck. Cause, who says no to an lil' extra luck in your pocket?

To communicate this we recorded 2 teaser videos showing how we stole these charms and how we nearly got caught. And a few days later they received a coffin with their extra luck in it and a ticket to go and treat themselves to breakfast.

Reinforcing this we built a website for everyone to get that extra dose of luck online.
On it you would have to find all the charms you could inside the christmas cakes using your smartphone as a joystick. The more you found in one minute, more luck you'd have for next year.