Video Production, Futuro 2010

In late 2010 Pablo Limon, Pascal Moscheni, Tomás Peña & I teamed up to make our online studio called FUTURO.
Our first project has been a 5 minute documentary on the life of Andy Warhol for Pepe Jeans' Warhol line of clothing.
This video has very little original footage/images from the artist which allows it to have a wonderful lo-fi aesthetic.

Director: Tomás Peña

Script: Pablo Perez Sanmartin

Art Directors: Tomás Peña / Natalia M. Waterman / David Catalan / Pablo Perez Sanmartin

Designers: Tomás Peña / Natalia M. Waterman

2D Animation: Salva Borrego / Tomás Peña

Cell Animation: Roberto Collado

Prop Master: Natalia M. Waterman

Sound Design: Heaven Music

Production Company: Futuro

Thank you: The Frank Barton Company / CajaBaja / Retrocity /
Alicia Padrón / Noel Quintela / Lorena Vega / Maria Soler Chopo