Art direction, BTOB 2012

Pieces made: Tablet app, Website, Advertorial in Yorokobu magazine, Facebook page and posts, Merch, panflets, etc.

Objectives: To position Nutribén as an
innovative, technological brand.

Idea: Turn the sometimes difficult moment
of feeding your toddler into something fun with
an augmented reality app.

Description: Fun Food is a free app for tablets
and a fun way to help children eat properly.
It stems from a clear insight: parents no longer know what to do to entertain their children
and get them to eat all their meal up!

The app offers a series of imaginary worlds with
which the child can interact while watching on screen. If the child doesn't eat, the characters
become sad. And when eating properly
the child gets rewarded with more
sounds, animations and colours.

The action is closely linked to the product,
not only becasue it's used when eating, but because the pincodes obtainable at Club Nutribén give exclusive access to parts of the game.